Our track record is long and varied


What ties it all together is:


  • Commitment

  • Consistency

  • Attention to detail


We have worked with many of our clients on multiple occasions over a period years who in turn have recommended us to new clients.


Whether this is our first deal together or the most recent of a long series, our commitment to getting the best result never changes.


See the following pages for brief summaries of just some of the many deals we have completed to give you a flavour of what we do.

To know more, please contact either Richard or Paul.

Glinsman Weller Limited

5 Blenheim Street

London W1S 1LD
Telephone: 020 7495 2728

Company Number: 6700631

VAT Number: 940 3004 71

Paul Glinsman

Tel: 020 7971 1015

Mob: 07771 898 311


Richard Weller

Tel: 020 7971 1016

Mob: 07966 145 256



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